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Sunny Spaces Organizing was born out of a passion for organizing and for helping others. Here at Sunny Spaces we don't just transform rooms, we give you time and efficiency back!

Each client and their goals are different, so each organizing experience reflects that! Before we even look at the space to be revitalized, we ask you about your goals: What is in the space? Why did it accumulate? What is it holding you back from? What is your biggest frustration? What do you envision this space to look like/function like?

Once we understand the what and the why we dig into the HOW! How will we create a system that works for you? How will we find a home for everything? How will we help you structure your day and your routines and juggle your schedules? How will we help you take back control of your life, give you time back and enjoy doing more of what you love?!?

We will work side by side with you to help decide to keep, donate or toss items. You can keep as much or as little as you would like. Once we have a set keep pile, we work together to find homes and create a system that will work for the long term.

An organized home allows for a clearer mind and increases your time to spend more of it doing what you love!


Owner, Erika Maddamma
Erika and her boys, Kaleb & Jaxson
Before and After Bar Area
Before and After Junk Drawer
Before and After Kitchen
Closet Organization
Pantry Organization
Storage Room Organization
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Erika Maddamma