Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration - Free Disaster Preparedness Plan

Offer Valid: 02/23/2021 - 06/04/2021
Losses Impact Business
Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration is offering a Free Consultation for Disaster Preparedness.  

If you were to have a loss that damaged your business and shut it down what would the impact be?

With the pandemic, no one wants to lose any more revenue than they already have.

Many business owners think they will know what to do in an emergency and what are the most valuable assets that they would protect.  What if you are not at your business when something occurs? Is there a plan in place? If there is have you reviewed it lately? Do all the employees that might be new know what it is or where it is? What if they can't get to it because of what has happened? Let Panhandle help you be ready for the unexpected!

Contact Debi Arnett at 412 559-9038 or For your complimentary review. 

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