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Innovate E-Commerce specializes in Managed Services, Secure Communication Gateway and InVaultive. At the center of the supply chain, Innovate Managed Services specializes in supporting our customers’ supply chain order to cash electronic processes (EDI, XML, etc.). Adhering to privacy and compliance guidelines, Innovate E-Commerce streamlines the communication between enterprises and their banks, insurance carriers, healthcare providers, customers, suppliers and other third- party providers.

Your company’s information is shared continuously all day, every day. Data breaches are happening every day and have increased with more and more employees working remotely. Innovate InVaultive is a secure solution for your employees to collaborate, share and store your company’s information. InVaultive will give you the confidence that critical and/or sensitive information is not being disclosed publicly through email attachments, unsecured file sharing solutions or other unsecure ways.

Innovate Secure Communication Gateway moves critical, sensitive and confidential business information securely between enterprises and their third-party partners. InVaultive is a private, secure file sharing cloud solution allowing employees and companies to share files internally and externally.

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